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Data Center Infrastructure

As your work grows, your data grows even faster. Your data center infrastructure needs to be ready to handle more data and to use the data in new ways. Your system needs to be scalable, and flexible enough to handle both anticipated and unanticipated changes.

Vetable Technologies has the experience and knowledge necessary to build and maintain a data center with the future in mind. We can develop a comprehensive, flexible infrastructure plan that takes into account everything from high performance servers to mobile devices and all the software in-between.

Data Storage, Backup and Recovery

Data is often the most valuable asset of your system and you don’t want to risk losing it. Our data backup and recovery strategies protect your vital information, and allow secure recovery from physical or cyber events.

Systems Power and Cooling

The harder you work your system and the bigger it gets, the more power you draw and the hotter physical systems can become. Vetable Technologies will build a power and cooling solution that keeps your physical system from overheating while providing efficient and reliable power.

Network Management

Vetable Technologies will keep your network working efficiently. We keep your system updated, and make sure your network is secured against ever-evolving threats.

Infrastructure in the Cloud

Cloud infrastructure offers unprecedented flexibility. With data growth unconstrained by existing hardware, cloud solutions offer quick access to information and storage options that grow with the data. Our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions allow you to scale your infrastructure quickly and efficiently.

What Vetable Technologies Offers for Data Center Infrastructure


Our experts evaluate your current environment, providing health checks, IT consulting and other data mitigation assessments.


We work with you to develop a system to meet your current data center needs, and to anticipate your goals.


Vetable Technologies is with you every step of the way to make sure your deployment goes smoothly. From hardware, racks and servers installation to data migration, asset tagging and tracking, rest assured that you have the support you need.


Once your data center is deployed, it is crucial to monitor systems, perform maintenance and handle incidents. Our managed services team will make sure your system continues to operate smoothly and efficiently.