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Cyber Security

Is Your Business Safe?

In today’s world, cyber attacks are more and more prevalent. Almost every day the newspapers run another story about a major  data breach or ransomware attack. Our experienced security team can help you have peace of mind, letting you concentrate on your business instead of worrying about cyber security.

Risk Assessment

Lax cybersecurity policies and technological solutions with vulnerabilities expose an organization to security risks.If these risks aren’t detected by the organization, they probably will be detected by hackers or cyber-criminals. A cybersecurity risk assessment will detect existing threats and evaluate the risk potential, allowing the organization to take steps to avoid security incidents. Regular assessments will help ensure new and emerging threats are dealt with, and may even be a legal requirement in industries where privacy is paramount such as where health or financial data is stored.


Preventing cyber attacks is always better than trying to deal with them when they have already occurred. There are several important steps that can be taken to help keep attackers out before they can cause damage:


When disaster strikes, we can help you recover. We clean infected software and recover data when possible. Then, our forensic team will search out the cause to make sure the event doesn’t recur.

Threat Monitoring

Preventative security technology can stop known threats, but constant monitoring is necessary to identify threats that are constantly evolving, developing new techniques for infiltration. Continuous monitoring can help an organization detect a wider range of threats and reduce reaction time.